The Legend of the Angelic Dragoness

Session XI: business strategy, and the strategy of business

Aurora gets a new business manager

4th Kuthona, “Starday ” of the year 4711, Noon
Tavern: The Hoist, Roderick’s Cove

Well, it’s been a busy few hours, with a great deal of talk and discussion. I woke late and, after a breakfast of bread and bacon, I went to check on Niluvian. He was still asleep, curled up peacefully in the guard’s stable. I checked in with the Mayor on the progress of the Orcs – scouts have reported that they don’t seem to be moving, but are holed up in the mouth of the Dwarven mine. However, with the snow getting thicker it seems that, if they’re not driven by tactial acumine, they’ll be forced by hunger to act soon. The town has a significant supply of grain in the granary, and a good amount of lifestock – in the stables around the walls. With the fishing boats as well, we have a supply of food. We can only hope it will be enough.

I also stopped in with Dereck, who I found trying to restore his shop – I put a rather large hole in his wall yesterday (by accident, of course) and I helped him fix it. I was rather proud of my masonry skills, even though they’re a bit rusty. I formerly asked Dereck if he would become the manager of the Thassilonian Forge and run the business; that would involve forging tradelinks, recruiting staff as necessary. Of course, he could take extra capital from the platinum ingots in the safe. I trust him to run the business fairly, to make money and business contacts and, ultimately, to help the town. All the gold that we make can go into opening new businesses (like the abandoned quarry right outside the city) and providing more work and opportunities for people living here. Roderick’s Cove seems to have had a run of bad luck and changing that with business, rather than with a hammer, is a long term solution of which I’m certain Shelyn would approve.

We also spoke a little about strategy but he advised that Zao might be the one to talk to. I have been considering that, if it does come to open fighting, having spellcasters on healing duties would be the best idea. I seem to have collected a number of healing wands, and I’m hoping that Master Azial, Dr Thornton and Father Ovius would be amenable to wielding them. I will go see Zao now; I know that he is in need of armour for the Militia, so I have a healthy pile selected from what we procured yesterday.

Still haven’t seen Morden this morning. I’m sure his mystery charms most of the girls, but I am starting to find it irksome.



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